The 30 Day Refresh-Her Challenge, Ques #5

There are entrepreneurs everywhere wondering why all their hard work never quite paid off the way they planned.


  • They had passion.
  • They had a solid plan of action.
  • They had vision.

But too often entrepreneurs forget that success starts from within. In the celebrated book, The Art of War, Chinese General Sun Tzu taught that “In war, the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won.”

What does this mean for your business? Essentially, the successful entrepreneur first masters her inner world and then goes on to master and dominate her outer world.

My question is —

Are YOU equipped for success from the inside out?

Mistake #5 – If you haven’t considered where and how you need to prepare the inner YOU to accommodate your plan, then you are not ready to face the challenge.

Business is highly competitive, and for that reason it’s often survival of the “best suited.” The mistake that entrepreneurs make is believing that preparedness is about what you see on the outside — flashy emails, great product packaging, a rockin’ website, etc. Those things are important, but are not the essence or source of the success you seek.

Being truly successful requires you to start on the inside and develop the super s-hero within , who is capable of manifesting the plan you have designed for your business. The difficulty lies in understanding the steps to accomplishing such a feat. Being able to win the battle within, before even stepping into the fray, requires you to tap into the inner sanctum of you. This type of journey is not something you want to make without a map.

There’s a solution…



As promised, the final details will be posted overnight. Can’t wait to pull back the curtain!

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