The 30 Day Refresh-Her Challenge – Ques #3

Dreams are great, but without structure, they won’t get you anywhere. Creating a vision for your business is a necessity in order to know where you want to go. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs can fall into the trap of generating neat and tidy visions that don’t exceed the boundaries of their comfort zone.

My question is —

Are YOU feeling stretched by your vision?

Mistake #3 – If you spent time enlarging your vision, but did not get really uncomfortable in the process, then you are thinking way too small.

If your desire is to keep your business small and stagnant, then stick with a vision you can fit in a matchbox. But most entrepreneurs are in business to push the envelope, and never want to put a lid on what they can achieve. There’s a big difference between surviving and thriving — the choice is completely up to you.

You could take the comfortable and safe route, but the reality is that small thinking will only lead to small results.

But there’s a solution…



Stay tuned for more information and Question #4 tomorrow.

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