Tip of the Week – Jan 5, 2011

The importance of delegation –

When it comes to your “baby,” a.k.a. your business, it’s a challenge to hand the reins to anyone else when you have learned to be completely self-reliant.  Trying to control everything, all the time, leaves you no room to grow.  The truth for most small business owners, even though they don’t like to admit it, is that by wearing all the hats, they are not being efficient with their time.   It’s easy to fall into the mindset that if you want things done right you have to do them yourself.  There are tasks over which you have mastery.   But there are plenty of things which fall outside your area of expertise, and can really drain your ability to be productive.

By delegating your weakness to others, who excel in those areas, you not only free up time to focus on the things you do best, but you can ultimately save money.  Sure, you are hiring someone to do work for you, but because they are far more skilled to do the work, they can get it done much more quickly.  The bottom line is deciding what your time is worth, and where you are inhibiting your productivity by being a control freak or perfectionist.

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