Don’t Miss My Guest Post Highlights

I was wondering this morning if you ever get to see what I write elsewhere, if I never bring it to your attention.  So I thought I should mention my guest post highlights from this week to bring you up to speed. 🙂

#1 – Are You a Bird Watcher or a Hunter?

There are two different ways people operate when it comes to focus.

But only one approach will allow you to achieve the success you desire. Even if you haven’t been the most consistent with your focus, there’s hope and I even give you some simple to implement tips.

Find out how you can maximize your efforts by changing how you approach your day in my guest post for 365 Days of Startups.

#2 – Are You Setting Yourself Up for Success?

I am so honored to have been invited to be a columnist for WBOCafe. In my first official post for the brand new site, I wanted to address the importance of tracking your thoughts regularly.

You are what you think, essentially, and your thoughts drive your behavior. So if your thoughts are not focused on the outcomes you wish to achieve, then you might need to make some adjustments in order to set yourself up for success.

Wishing you an outstanding finale to your week!


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