A.W.E. Spotlight – International Gun for Hire

In an effort to always bring you the latest and greatest information, I am happy to present another installment of our Advisory of Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight interview series.

We designed this series to, not only showcase our community of amazing women entrepreneurs, but to also share their best tips, strategies and insights for wanna-be and established women entrepreneurs.  Our mission for this community is to bring an incredible group of women together to inspire, motivate, and support women in business by networking, collaborating, and, in the case of this spotlight series, showing you why they shine so brightly!

Today, we continue this series with a global businesswoman, who, in our interview removes some of the mystery of international business, President of  Valérie Antoinette, Valérie Berset-Price.

Valérie shares her experiences as an international woman and businesswoman in this exciting interview.  You will discover the biggest challenges she had to overcome, her most significant decisions, and hottest tips for anyone interested in expanding their business abroad. You might be surprised by the things you must learn in advance to raise your cultural IQ, to be prepared for international success.  Enjoy!

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Valérie Antoinette is a full‐service business etiquette firm that specializes in international business practices. Valérie Antoinette’s training provides the knowledge, tools and wisdom that lead to international business savvy and professional success. Valérie Antoinette’s international business etiquette training programs will equip your team with the tools to win in today’s challenging corporate market.

Born and reared in Geneva, Switzerland, Valérie Antoinette Berset-Price, AICI, FLC is a corporate and business etiquette consultant. As an international speaker and corporate trainer, Valérie is a recognized expert in the field of international business etiquette and intercultural training. She is the director and creator of “Professional Passport: Work Anywhere with Confidence,” an acclaimed training program comprised of 16 accelerated classes that bring the world into focus to employees and executives alike.

Valérie Antoinette’s Training Programs Include: Cross‐ and inter‐cultural knowledge, best international business practices, corporate etiquette, dining and restaurant etiquette, customer service etiquette, across‐border relationship‐building skills, networking and conversation skills, professional dress and business casual, savvy packing.

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