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In an effort to always bring you the latest and greatest information, I am happy to present another installment of our Advisory of Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight interview series.

We designed this series to, not only showcase our community of amazing women entrepreneurs, but to also share their best tips, strategies and insights for wanna-be and established women entrepreneurs.  Our mission for this community is to bring an incredible group of women together to inspire, motivate, and support women in business by networking, collaborating, and, in the case of this spotlight series, showing you why they shine so brightly!

This week I am honored to share my interview with Dr. Marlene Caroselli, Corporate Trainer and Accomplished Author.

Dr. Caroselli is truly an amazing woman, and I know you are going to love this interview as much as I did.  Find out how her career path led her from property management to a contract with the Department of Defense, as well as many Fortune 100 companies in the Total Quality Management arena (TQM); why she is such a prolific writer; the importance of thinking both big and small; and her top three recommendations for maximizing your communication skills.  Plus, if you listen all the way to the end, you will discover what Marlene is offering to our audience as a special gift. Enjoy the interview!

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Dr. Caroselli’s book recommendations – “The Language of Leadership” and “Jesus, Jonas, and Janus”

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After earning her doctorate in education at the University of Rochester, Marlene Caroselli left the public classroom and her native New York State in 1980 and headed to the West Coast. She soon began working as a manager for Trizec Properties, Inc. and as an adjunct professor for UCLA and National University, as well as several others. Her university work led to training contracts with the Department of Defense and with such Fortune 100 firms as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, TRW, Hughes Aircraft, and Allied-Signal.

In 1984, she founded the Center for Professional Development and began adding books to her list of professional achievements. Her first book, The Language of Leadership, was chosen a main selection by Newbridge’s Executive Development book club. Since that publication, she has written sixty additional books and several ebooks. A recent book, Principled Persuasion: Influence with Integrity, Sell with Standards, was named a Director’s Choice by Doubleday Book Club. One-to-One for Managers, has been selected by Barnes and Noble for an on-line course; Business Ethics Activity Book has been co-released by HRD Press and the American Management Association (AMACOM); 500 Creative Classroom Techniques for Teachers and Trainers, 8 Leadership Secrets from Real Leaders and The Critical Thinking Toolkit are among her latest releases

In addition to books, Dr. Caroselli writes frequently for Stephen Covey’s Executive Excellence, for the Employment Times, as well as for numerous other print and electronic publications. She also writes podcasts for Workplace English Training E-Magazine. She does pro bono work with Thanks! Plain and Simple, a veterans organization. She has conducted training in more than half the states in the United States and has presented programs as well in Guam, Singapore, Montreal and Sao Paolo, Brazil. Her corporate clients include Eastman Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Mobil, Chevron, Rockwell, Hughes Aircraft and Magnavox. Numbered among the federal agencies with which she has worked are the Departments of Defense, Labor, Transportation, Agriculture, Interior, the General Services Administration, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Further, she makes presentations for organizations such as The Executive Committee, Delta Kappa Gamma, the Mortgage Bankers Association, The Institute for International Research, the American Society for Training and Development, Public Relations Society of America, Professional Secretaries International, and a variety of other associations.


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