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Social Media: Do I have The Time?

Lately, I have been asking myself the same question. Managing several social media platforms can be time-consuming, so I am always looking for ways to streamline. It was perfect timing to present this solution-driven guest post from expert, Dotty Scott, for the weary entrepreneurs who feel like they are having trouble keeping up. Thanks, Dotty! […]

7 Ways to Increase Your Home Office Productivity

It is divine to work from home! But that doesn’t mean controlling your own schedule is challenge-free. This week I am pleased to share this wonderful guest post from Kimberly Crossland, who shares her top tips on staying productive in your home office. Thanks, Kimberly! ************************************* To have a home office, you are afforded unique […]

Getting Over Overwhelm with Virtual Assistants

What better way to tackle productivity than with an expert on getting over overwhelm. Dr. Monique Y. Wells starts this series with when and how to outsource effectively using virtual assistants. If this has been something you’ve been considering for your business, be sure to use this guest post as a checklist for getting started. […]

What the Heart Wants

There was no better way to round out this month on engagement without looking at how we can create it outside the four walls of our businesses. I am happy to share this heart-inspiring post by Patty Lennon, which contains a reminder that what may seem small to us, can make a huge difference to […]

How To Create an Inviting Brand

…and Stay Away From Icky Marketing None of us like the idea of what our guest marketing expert, Erin Ferree, refers to as “icky marketing,” and would prefer to avoid it like the plague. Luckily, Erin has a solution by way of a shift in your focus about what marketing should be. I can guarantee […]

Attract New Clients Using the Right Positioning

Are you confused about how to attract your ideal clients? I am happy to present a great guest post from Cheryl Pullins, founder of The Woman Entrepreneur’s Mentor, who provides us with the basics of locating and engaging with our target audience. Thanks, Cheryl! **************************************** Client attraction, ideal clients, target market, target audience – no wonder […]

How to Create Creative Call to Actions

When it comes to creating opportunities for engagement with your potential customers, I am thankful to be able to call on Tasha Mayberry, online marketing expert, to teach us all some innovative strategies to leverage the ways in which we are already touching people everyday with calls to action. Thanks Tasha! ******************************************** What is a […]