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Spicing Up Your Biz with a Dash of Risk

In my guest post for Small Business Finance Forum, I addressed the fact that if you are tired of getting the same results, then perhaps it’s time to change your tactics.  Sometimes all it takes to spice things up is a dash of risk. To catch my 3 tips on how you can add some […]

7 Essential Strategies to Preventing Overwhelm

Shortly before Christmas, I was invited to guest post for Laura Click, Founder of Blue Kite Marketing on the topic of overwhelm. In the weeks leading up to the holidays, it’s easy to load way too much on your plate, whether with social commitments or with food in a buffet line.  Starting the New Year […]

Thanks for Joining My Newsletter!

I am thrilled that you’ve decided to join my newsletter list so that I can provide you with the best strategies and tactics you need to gain that competitive edge in your business. I’ve recorded a quick message for you, so please take a moment to hear about how you can get your instant download. […]