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Top Picks for Productivity Tools

Have you ever wondered what business productivity tools busy businesswomen can’t live without? See what 12 of us had to recommend in this great compilation post from Calahan Solutions. Don’t miss mine —  It’s #9!

Dr. Reece’s Weekly Wrap Up – Nov 4, 2010

This week has been about new ideas, new friends and new looks.  I hope you are enjoying the changes that are going on under the hood of my business as much as I am.  There’s much more to come! At the time of year when most businesses are thinking about winding down as we approach […]

Dr. Reece’s Weekly Wrap Up : Oct 30, 2010

I hope that your week was as productive as mine.  Nothing feels better than being able to end on a high note, knowing that you’ve reached the goals you set for yourself. Every weekend I try to find some time to reflect, refresh and make plans for the coming week.  This weekly wrap up was […]