Tip of the Week – Nov 10, 2010

Accept the fact that not everyone is going to like you and move on.


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    This is probably the biggest obstacle for me. I am a people pleaser by nature, I enjoy making people happy (frankly that is really at the foundation of my business, helping them succeed so they are happy). However, I am learning more and more that the constant desire to please everyone all the time is not helpful to me, them, and especially not helpful for my business.

    I need to post this on my fridge and repeat it often 🙂

    • Posted November 10, 2010 at 3:47 pm | Permalink | Reply

      I am a people pleaser too, so you can imagine the conflict of posting this tip today. 🙂 For women, who naturally mesh emotion with business, the key is being able to be objective and not take things personally. As much as it might feel like it on most days, your self-worth should not be equated with your business performance. It’s one thing to have a strong work ethic and desire to exceed customer expectations. It’s another to get wrapped up in making things perfect all the time. Perfection is an unrealistic expectation. We people pleasers have to lighten up on ourselves every once in a while and make sure that the business decisions we make are for the good of the business without sacrificing our own well-being.

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