How to Become an Entrepreneur – Weekly Wrap Up

Do you remember why you became an entrepreneur? Do you know anyone who is on the fence, but really wants to take the leap? There are so many different opinions on what it really takes to be an entrepreneur. But never has it been a one-size-fits-all proposition. The important factors to weigh are your personal reasons for wanting to become your own boss, your preparedness, and your passion.

This weekly wrap up was designed to share the blogs, websites and/or businesswomen that I found particularly helpful this week.  My top blog picks offer some great information on becoming an entrepreneur. If you have already started a business, but know someone who hasn’t mustered the courage to step out, please pass this post along. I hope you still find this information as interesting as I did. Happy Friday!

Top Blog Posts

9 Common Myths About Entrepreneurs

As stated in this great article from Grasshopper, over the years many myths have been created around the question, what does it take to become an entrepreneur. As if there is some secret formula to qualifying to start your own business. So if any of these misconceptions are still floating around in the back of your mind, it’s time to debunk them once and for all.

Four Reasons Not to Become an Entrepreneur: And Why You Should Ignore Them

This was certainly an interesting twist on the subject from Women Grow Business. Guest blogger, Stacy Yamaoka, shares how some of her fears nearly held her back from starting her own company. Her advice? You should ignore them. See how she was able to move past her mental roadblocks by changing her perspective on the questions.

Why a Bad Economy is Good for Entrepreneurs

In a time when would-be entrepreneurs are holding back, Maureen Mackey (managing editor of The Fiscal Times), interviews Bill Murphy, Jr. (author of The Intelligent Entrepreneur) on how a bad economy is actually a good time to startup. Centered around three Harvard Business School graduates, this post shares what set these three go-getters apart and contributed to their success.

Featured Site
When I was first considering starting this business, I was looking for ideas and inspiration to foster my growing belief that I could do this. At a networking event, a speaker shared an incredible video, created by Grasshopper, that was the final push I needed to spread my wings. Grasshopper is more than virtual phone system provider, offering great tips and information to keep entrepreneurs on the cutting edge with their Grasslands blog. I hope you enjoy their amazing video as much as I do, because entrepreneurs can change the world!

Woman of Excellence Award
Congratulations to Sarah Shaw, founder of Entreprenette, for winning this week’s Woman of Excellence Award! Becoming bored with her work in the Hollywood movie industry, Sarah broke out on her own, creating a hugely successful handbag line. Having learned valuable lessons on her way to retail Stardom, Sarah now teaches other women how to get their ideas from conception to retail boutique.

On her blog, The Entreprenette Gazette, Sarah took the time to ask over 100 fellow Entreprenettes what motivated them to break out on their own. The responses are inspiring! If you have a product idea that you know the world is waiting for, see how Sarah can guide you to the realization of your dreams. Find Sarah on Twitter @entreprenette.

In case you were wondering, I have no affiliate relationship with anyone I call to your attention on this blog. This is simply my way of spreading the news about information and individuals I have found particularly helpful.

That wraps up this post. Until next week, keep reading, keep learning, keep growing!

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