Finding True Wealth

Tip of the Week – April 27, 2011

I believe that true wealth in life is all about having the courage to be exactly who you are, every day.  Nothing is quite as draining as trying to be someone you are not, whether professionally or personally.  You can only wear a mask for so long before your inherent personality and gifts come screaming out of you, demanding to be seen.  For many, this is a mid-life crisis.

For my doctoral research, I had the amazing opportunity to interview some of the happiest people on the planet.  You may wonder why they were so happy…their joy in life was the result of living according to their design.  These extraordinary people are not special because of what they do, they are special because they aren’t afraid to be who they are. True freedom comes to those who live out their true purpose in all that they do.

Is your life a picture of your gifts in action?  If not, what’s holding you back from sharing them with the world?  Every day that you allow to go by where you stifle and squander that which makes you extraordinary, is another day you are cheating yourself of the happiness you could enjoy.  Life is about living, and truly living is about being true to you.  I’m here if you need help finding clarity in your life.

“As you become more clear about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what is best for you – the first time around.” – Oprah


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