Successful Independence Requires Dependence

Performance Tip of the Week – July 6, 2011

As I mentioned last week, being an entrepreneur, even when you are just a one-man-or-woman-show does not mean that you have to go it alone — it pays to have a business buddy.  In fact, achieving a the level of successful financial, emotional, and intellectual independence is an exercise in dependence.

If that sounds confusing, let me explain…

You were not born knowing everything.  Getting to where you are today required you to learn and grow as a person.  And much of that process involved the instruction, guidance, and shared wisdom of others.

Do you know what separates the good from the great?

The entrepreneurs who make it are those who never stop learning and growing personally and professionally.  You might argue the fact that you did do it all on you own, and never asked anyone for help.  Perhaps you didn’t outwardly seek assistance, but you can’t tell me that you completely isolated yourself from the information pipeline.

The truth is that we are surrounded by resources.  At any point in time, you are accessing your history, or reading the newspaper, listening to the radio, downloading a podcast, absorbing a book, or watching TV to name a few.  So even passively, you are gathering information on a daily, even hourly basis.

But those, who actively seek solid information from valued resources, that will enable them to swiftly move to the next level in their business, are the ones blazing trails, staying leaps and bounds ahead of the pack.

So if your desire is to excel in business, and serve the world within your niche in a big way, you’ve got to consistently embrace a bit of dependence, in order to achieve outstanding independence.

Who are you depending on to gain your independence in the entrepreneurial world?

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