As Seen Around the Net – July 19, 2011

I love opportunities to share my insights and experience on other people’s blogs and articles, so I contribute as regularly as I can. Just so you don’t miss out on these really great articles, I thought I would share some of my more recent contributions here. Enjoy!

The Secret to Becoming a Professional Blogger

by Renee Tornatore for Pretty Young Professional

The onslaught of social media has brought a new and powerful business medium to the Internet: blogging.

Sure, it may seem as if everyone has his or her own blog these days. But there are a couple out there who stand out, men and women who manage not only to get their voice out into cyberspace, but to make it heard—and even make a profit. What can we learn from them? Read full article to find out!

85 Ways to Battle Business Burnout

by Carol Roth

While we all begin our business endeavors with boundless energy and excitement, as time goes on and we get caught up in the day-to-day, the dreaded feelings of business burn-out can start to set in.

Since I was able to enjoy a sabbatical of my own for a couple of weeks, I thought it would make sense to give you some ways to refresh and renew. I reached out to the contributor network of entrepreneurs and experts to find out their best tips and suggestions for battling business burn-out. To read full article, Click Here. (Psst. My tip is #67)

Staying Focused and Avoiding BSOs – 31 Tips to Take You to Focused Success

by Stephanie Calahan

Do you get caught up in BSOs?  BSOs are “Bright Shiny Objects” — those things that easily catch your attention and steal your focus.  You spend time there, but you know that you should not be spending your time on them.  They can be pretty and enticing, but they may not really be driving your business as much as they should to deserve your attention.  How do you make sure that what you are working on is the right thing?

Today, 31 of my fabulous business expert community share their expertise.  I asked them the following question: As a business owner, you have many things that you could spend your time on.  How do you make sure that you are using your time the most effectively?  How do you make sure that you don’t get “caught up” in the “Bright Shiny Objects” that could take your eyes off of your priorities?

There are a lot of great ideas in this post. To read them all (including mine, #3), Click Here.

More Responsibility, Please!

by Renee Tornatore for

Once you’ve settled into your job or internship, you’re finally starting to feel comfortable with your assignments. Feeling slightly underwhelmed and ready to take on more? Asking your superiors for more responsibility at work is key for professional progress. To read the great tips, including mine, Click Here.

60+ Tips for Using Facebook in Business

by Carol Roth

Facebook isn’t just for finding your best friend from third grade or keeping tabs on an ex; it can be an amazing help for improving many aspects of your business. So, I have again asked the fabulous contributor network of entrepreneurs and experts to provide their best tips for using Facebook to improve business. To check out all the great tips (mine is #42), Click Here.

Thanks for reading!

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