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Pinterest – Is it a Fad or Lead Generation Tool?

For me the jury is still out when it comes to Pinterest. I have started pinning on a couple of boards, but really don’t understand how this is going to directly drive customers to my business. To be completely honest, I haven’t taken the time to study the platform and develop any strategies that coincide […]

Does Social Media Pay? – 32 Perspectives on ROI

You may be one of the many businesses that has jumped on the social media bandwagon as a way to cost-effectively boost your exposure in the online market.  But where are businesses getting the most bang for their buck?  We were curious to know what has been working, and what has not when it comes […]

Question of the Week – Mar 14, 2011

This week’s question is – More and more businesses are implementing social media into their marketing repertoire to try to maintain the competitive cutting edge. But does the investment really pay off? If you regularly use social media for your business, where do you get your biggest ROI, and why? Why should I join the […]