Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Fine Art of Business Focus – Obstacles

As I hope you are beginning to realize, you have a tremendous amount of internal power to leverage in life and business, to achieve the results you most desire. A key component to that success is focus. In Part One of this series, we covered the power behind focus. And in Part Two, I wanted to clarify […]

Networking and Connecting – The Women’s Way

Fortunately for women, communicating with others is usually a strength that can be applied to the business arena. And what better way to learn about how to effectively network and connect with others than from a savvy woman entrepreneur, who know how to leverage her skills. Today, I invited Leslie Josel, Founder of Order Out […]

16 Ways to Orchestrate a Happy New Year

Your business plan for the New Year was probably set long before the end of 2011. And having a sound action plan is essential to growing and sustaining your business. Annual business plans typically have a lot of moving parts, but for this post was interested in what entrepreneurs are most excited to implement, and […]

License to Rave

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode #13 Today on my show I had the pleasure of a speaking with Maureen Daniek, Founder of Radiance Coaching and Consulting, who provided us with her best strategies for how women can learn to promote themselves in business. Maureen shares the challenges that women traditionally face that can inhibit them from […]

The Fine Art of Business Focus – Direction

Last week I began a four-part series to teach you how to develop the Fine Art of Business Focus, and starting with the Power of Focus, pointed out the four major benefits to laser focusing your attention in business. Today, I continue this series with a lesson on Where to Direct Your Focus for maximum […]

Stop the Self-Sabotage!

Have you ever wondered how you might be getting in the way of your business success? If you are the type to burn the candle at both ends on a regular basis, you have some change to institute in your business and life. I am honored to invite guest expert, Diana Fletcher to the stage […]

14 Entrepreneurs Are Outsourcing Their Way to Success

Whether you are faced with a task beyond your scope of expertise, or simply need to free up more time to focus on business growth, as a solo entrepreneur, outsourcing is a necessity in business. One of the biggest challenges is not finding resources, but deciding what to outsource to create the most impact for […]