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Most Important Qualities in a Leader

Are people born leaders, or do you become one with hard work, by experience, or chance? I believe that there are effective arguments to the validity of both questions. There are many examples of uninspiring people doing extraordinary things. And as entrepreneurs, we are all called to be leaders in our niches if we desire […]

18 Business Champions for Entrepreneurs

We all have special people who have crossed our paths this year. Some touched our lives, our businesses in small ways, and others left an indelible mark, pushing us to new heights. For this post, I wanted to shine the spotlight on each of our heroes to say “Thank you!” for being pivotal in our […]

Creating Your Distinctive Brand

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode #9 Today on my show I had the pleasure of a speaking with Danielle M. Miller, Reinvention Coach & Brand Strategist, who provided us with strategies for creating a distinctive and memorable brand. Danielle loves to think of herself as a “magician”, in that her greatest joy comes from helping her […]

The Entrepreneur, The Juggler & The Circus Clown (Part 1)

Surviving entrepreneurship can at times feel like a 3-ring circus. Here to offer valuable insights on managing the ups, downs, and sideways turns of it all is guest expert, JP Jones, who will be sharing her survival strategies with us over the next 4 weeks. Thanks JP! ********************************** If you’re a business owner, most likely […]

How Steve Jobs Inspired 16 Entrepreneurs

Whether you are an Apple or a PC, I don’t think you could help but inspired by what Steve Jobs accomplished in his lifetime. No one can doubt the scope of his vision, his determination, or his wisdom won through experience. There has been much written a about the legend behind Apple, and his impact […]

12 Smart Business Exit Strategies

In my recent Spotlight interviews with Business Coach, Vicki Donlan, and National Speaker, Nancy Butler, we discussed the importance of having an exit strategy for your business, even when you are in the early stages. When I first started out, thoughts of to whom and when I might sell my business down the road weren’t […]

Navigating the Business Start-Up Naysayers

Performance Tip of the Week When the idea of starting your own business first took root in your heart, you may have experienced fearful hesitation about sharing the exciting news with certain people in your life. Why? Because some people fall into the category of the spirit-sucking, dream-crashing, naysayers. Their comments, sometimes laced with tinges […]