Marketing Charisma: Attract Leads with Silver-Tongued Content

What is valuable content when it comes to your marketing?“Internet shopping” is no longer a scare word when it comes to consumers. In fact, the interconnectedness of the globe-scaling web is any entrepreneur’s mecca.

Just take a look at the stats: in the U.S. alone, 71% of adults have paid for products or services online in the last three months, according to Forrester Research. Over 50% of those sales were nurtured by content alone.

Numbers aside, we can take away a powerful lesson from these statistics: content is what attracts prospects, forges relationships and brand loyalty, and encourages consumers to purchase from you.

Yet, recent studies show 22% of the buying process is wasted with ineffective content—a number that translates to leads lost and sales forsaken. A shame, especially considering that valuable content adds a 25% increase in likelihood that a sale will be made. Continue reading

28 Top Businesswomen to Watch

I have been so blessed in my business to have had the opportunity to get to know many amazing women entrepreneurs through my interview series. Not only did I bring you their expertise and best strategies in business, but I did a lot of learning along the way too. It has been like having my own, not so little, mastermind group.

This series began as a tribute to the members of my Tribe, The Advisory of Women Entrepreneurs, through which I was able to capture and share the stories of 28 incredibly talented businesswomen. As I have continued to watch these women soar I felt it was time to reflect on everything we have learned from each of them.

My sincere thanks to my original Spotlight guests for sharing your struggles and triumphs so that the rest of us could learn from your experiences. Cheers to these A.W.E.-inspiring women!

If you missed the interviews the first time around, or just need a reminder of some top-notch strategies to move your business ahead, you now have an easy reference to this fabulous content. Enjoy! Continue reading

Too Much Rockin’ – Not Enough Rollin’

Getting bogged down in your business can feel a lot like trying to move a car that’s gotten stuck in the mud. There’s a lot of rockin’ going on, but it’s just not rolling anywhere.

That’s how I feel when I get in over my head as a solo entrepreneur, and have loaded too much on my plate.

Have you ever felt like that?

My solution is to take a break from the daily to-do’s to focus on creating, locating and/or integrating new tools and systems to simplify my tasks and get my business back on a forward track.

It’s about deciding which is more painful — to stay stuck and treading water, or to put things aside for a short time to focus on the tasks that will move my business ahead. Continue reading

Who’s Your Biggest Business Crush?

No matter how many years you’ve been in business, or how successful you’ve become, my guess is that you have a business crush.

There might be someone you admire, who is where you’d like to be. Perhaps you have been following someone for months or years who inspires you to be a better version of you. Or maybe there is someone who is constantly creative and innovative, breaking out of the proverbial box, who challenges you to stay on the cutting edge with your work.

My current business crush is Michelle Salater, founder of Sumer Copywriting. Michelle is a bundle of energy, brilliant strategic thinking, warmth, and sincerity. Watching and learning from her, I am not surprised, just awed by every advancement she makes in her business. Though she primarily works with the big businesses, she is always looking for ways to bring her programs down to size for the small business owner too. Thanks for the inspiration Michelle!

Last week I asked my panel of contributors who they admire, want to emulate, or are inspired by in business, and why. Twelve business owners stepped up to the plate to share their business crushes with us. The benefit is learning about more potentially awesome business role models to follow. Enjoy! Continue reading

Rich Tips for a Lifetime

My review of a book by Rebecca Scott Young

I’ve never considered myself a whiz when it comes to numbers or complex financial matters. Therefore, I am often looking for better ways to think about financial stewardship, and stretching my dollars. So when Rebecca Scott Young invited me to review her recent publication, Rich Tips for a Lifetime, I happily said YES!

For those of you who don’t feel incredibly savvy about finances, you will find this little book a breath of fresh air. Every chapter is backed with solid strategy and logic, but this powerful information is artfully presented in a way that doesn’t require you to have a degree in accounting to get it. Rebecca’s book caught my attention because it’s not just about doing more with your money — it’s a challenge to work toward spiritual, emotional and financial wealth every day. Continue reading

15+ Top Blogs for Small Business Owners

I love top 10, top 50 and top 100 lists when it comes to providing me with powerful people to watch and learn from as I work to grow my business. At each year, they publish a list of the Top 50 Entrepreneur Blogs to Watch, and there were many blogs on this year’s list that are new to me and on my list to explore.

Knowing that this list is far from exhaustive, and wanting to know where our panel of experts most often go to find valuable information to advance their businesses, I asked –

What is your pick for Top Blog for Small Business Owners, and why you think it deserves a prominent place on the list?

My appreciation to our experts for sharing more than 15 additional amazing small business blogs to add to Evan Carmichael’s list. Whether you are in search of a blog to help you with social media, customer service, your business reading list and more, you will love the list below. If you have a favorite blog that didn’t make the list, I invite you to share it in the comments section. Enjoy! Continue reading

Taking the Solo Out of Being a Solo Entrepreneur

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode #32

I am very excited to be continuing this new series on the topic of Biggest Business Challenges from my tribe members. This week’s business challenge comes from Jill Chivers, founder of

Like most who take the entrepreneurial leap, we don’t take much time to consider the ramifications of being solo, and that sometimes it can get pretty lonely, and at times overwhelming with the number of hats one person will be called upon to wear.

Join me for my latest episode of Spotlight on Success where I share 3 powerful, but simple to implement strategies to move you off isolation and overwhelm island back to mainstream success. Discover how solo entrepreneurs, like you and me, can build and grow profitable businesses. Enjoy! Continue reading

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