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How to Be a Fit and Healthy Mom Blogger

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode #16 Today on my show I had the pleasure of a speaking with Rachel Blaufeld, Founder of BacknGrooveMom.com, who shared her best strategies for how busy mom bloggers and entrepreneurs can stay fit and healthy despite their work load. Rachel shares her personal challenges and success strategies that have enabled her […]

4 Steps to Navigate Your Career Transition or Layoff

Were you recently laid off? Are you considering rejoining the workforce after an extended absence? No matter what type of transition you might be facing, I’ve got some tips you can use to get going in the right direction, or simply moving. Join me on my latest Cinch broadcast to discover how to assess your […]

21 Ways Women Can Be Assertive in Business

For women in business, there still seems to be a fine line between asserting oneself and coming across unfavorably, and perhaps being referred to as something that rhymes with “witch.” Women work hard to compete in their given arenas with excellence, and are at times disparaged for playing tough. Rather than backing down from what […]

You Gotta Go!

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode #15 Today on my show I had the pleasure of a speaking with Dr. Verna Price, entrepreneur, executive coach and speaker, who shared her best strategies for claiming your personal power by getting the Subtracters out of your life. Dr. Verna shares her personal story of becoming aware of her power, […]

The Fine Art of Business Focus – Maintenance

Once you have mastered an understanding of the Power of Focus, where to Direct Your Focus, and how to overcome the Obstacles to Focus, it’s time to learn how to Maintain High Level Focus in your business. Developing good habits takes time and discipline, as well as the application of the lessons you learned in Parts 1-3 […]

Bringing Your Best Self to Work

As a Peak Performance Specialist, I understand the importance of teaching women how to bring their “A” game day after day to business. So within our theme of starting the New Year strong, I invited guest expert, Maureen Daniek to share her five powerful strategies for how you can bring your best self to work. […]

16 Powerful Business Mantras for 2012

If you took part in the 12 Days of Experts that I offered in December, then you probably were fortunate enough to watch the video interview I did with Natalie MacNeil, Founder of SheTakesontheWorld.net, among other things. Natalie spoke of the power of using mantras in her business, and I was intrigued. I am known […]