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The Essence of TRUE Leadership – Courage

Part Two of Four Sometimes it’s really challenging to be courageous. When you can’t predict the outcome, it can be scary to put your neck on the line, be vulnerable, or take a leap of faith. In Part One of this series, I wrote about how TRUE leadership comes from a place of selflessness. The […]

Grow Your Businesses On A Shoestring By Leading

With the recent buzz in the New York Times surrounding internships, I wanted to bring back my favorite expert on the subject, Dreama Lee, Co-Founder of Efficient Enterprises Inc., to share more facts on how beneficial developing internship programs can be for your business. Hiring and mentoring interns is just another way to hone your […]

Most Important Qualities in a Leader

Are people born leaders, or do you become one with hard work, by experience, or chance? I believe that there are effective arguments to the validity of both questions. There are many examples of uninspiring people doing extraordinary things. And as entrepreneurs, we are all called to be leaders in our niches if we desire […]

Interns to the Rescue

Spotlight on Success Show – Episode #17 Today on my show I had the pleasure of a speaking with Dreama Lee, Co-Founder of Intern-Profits, who shared her best strategies for how entrepreneurs can grow their businesses and give back to their community by developing internship programs. Regularly mentoring interns in her own company, as well as teaching […]

The Essence of TRUE Leadership – Selflessness

Part One of Four Have you ever really thought about what it means to lead? I’ve been a follower and a leader. The leadership roles I filled as a young manager for a handful of companies are, in so many ways, different from the role I am now called to play in my own business. […]

Leaders Are Alert to Change

Even solo entrepreneurs find themselves in positions where they are called to lead. And as business owners, we must prepare for, and know how to effectively cope with the changing landscape of business. Here to lead us in the right direction is guest expert, Dr. Marlene Caroselli, who presents the argument for preparation, and discussion […]

12 Tips for How to Be Memorable in Business

My focus for the New Year is to increase my visibility, both online and locally with my businesses. Both arenas have their challenges when it comes to standing out in the crowd. So I am developing plans to not only be noticed, but to be memorable. There are amazing entrepreneurs, who are every day thinking […]