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Question of the Week – Dec 29, 2010

This week’s question is – What was your biggest business obstacle in 2010, and how did you successfully overcome it? Why should I join the discussion? Because this online forum is a great place for us to exchange ideas, learn from each other and network.  My goal is to unite successful women entrepreneurs to share our insights […]

What’s on Your Business Christmas Wish List?

No matter how old you are, it’s nice to dream about the things that you wish Santa would bring for Christmas, even when it comes to your business. My Christmas wish list this year was full of hopes and dreams for the future of my business, as well as some practical items. But I wanted […]

The 30 Day Refresh-Her Challenge, Ques #5

There are entrepreneurs everywhere wondering why all their hard work never quite paid off the way they planned.   They had passion. They had a solid plan of action. They had vision.   But too often entrepreneurs forget that success starts from within. In the celebrated book, The Art of War, Chinese General Sun Tzu […]

The 30 Day Refresh-Her Challenge, Ques #4

Most business plans include steps to expand the reach of your business — new ad campaigns, partnerships, conferences, local networking events, social media, etc. Some entrepreneurs play it safe, and just do more of what worked in the past. In today’s economy, doing more of the same isn’t necessarily going to translate into earning more. […]

Biz Tips from Santa Claus – Weekly Wrap Up

Merry Christmas Eve! I can’t believe that Santa will begin his journey around the world tonight, making Christmas wishes come true, far and wide. Delivery has probably been much easier since the invention of GPS navigation. Father Christmas has become the entrepreneur of note this season. This jolly man definitely has style and some serious […]

The 30 Day Refresh-Her Challenge – Ques #3

Dreams are great, but without structure, they won’t get you anywhere. Creating a vision for your business is a necessity in order to know where you want to go. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs can fall into the trap of generating neat and tidy visions that don’t exceed the boundaries of their comfort zone. My question is — Are […]

Transparency is a Gift

Experience is one of the most valuable assets in business. Think about how much you rely on the things you’ve learned through the good, bad, and even ugly times. Every late night, early morning, stumble, victory, tear or bead of sweat has value — they are gifts. The lessons you take away from your experiences […]